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Deine Winterreise is a project from M31 and OPERA2DAY, supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund. The concept of this video-opera walking tour is rooted in Franz’s Schuberts masterpiece. In 24 songs, you will accompany the nameless traveler on his journey through The Hague. He tries to find his balance in life after a long period of social distancing and alienation. You can enjoy Deine Winterreise from 25 May till 12 September.

How does it work?

Deine Winterreise is a corona proof video opera walking tour with a specific route through The Hague. During your walk, you will find 24 different signs with QR-codes all through the city. Scan the code and you will be redirected on your smart phone to a webpage with a video. Press play and enjoy. After the video ends, follow the Google Maps embedded map to the next sign, scan the QR-Code, etc. etc.

What do I need?

To embark on your own journey, you only need a smart phone and headphones. Please do make sure you have a mobile internet connection since there are no WiFi hotspots on the way. Also, because of the total length of the video, do make sure you have a fully charged battery and maybe bring a portable power bank. Last but not least, wear comfortable shoes. The total walking time of Deine Winterreise is 3,5 hours. You don’t have to complete the tour in one walk. You can pick up where you left of any time you like.

Where do I start?

The starting point of your journey is The Hague HS Train Station. You can watch and listen to the first video at the bottom of this page. After that, you will have to follow the route to scan the QR-codes on the streets of The Hague. You can find these signs on the street lights and traffic signs.

The first sign (for the second song) is located in front of the station, near the main entrance. If you are standing in front of the station, facing the street to the city centre, you can find the sign on your right hand, attached to a cast iron column. (Take a look at the image on top of this webpage)

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